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Is my HX1000 enough for my RVIE w SLI 1080Ti


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I will be building up my system this week:



Rampage VI Extreme

SLI 1080Ti

NVME 960 evo

32GB Dom Plat 2800 mem


I will not be overclocking, just letting the board ramp as it will automatically (for now).


Will my HX1000 PSU be enough for this? I can't find an AX1200i or 1500i or 1600i in stock anywhere to buy....nowhere online or at any local microcenter.


Once I find an AX1600i in stock I'll replace this thing, but who knows how long that will take? I just don't want to damage anything until then, it could be months.

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If it helps, a 1080 ti card draws about 270-280 watts at factory clocks. This figure includes power delivered via the PCIe slot. Full-tilt-boogie overclocks bring the figure close to 330 watts.

A 1kw PS should be fine, even with some OC action, waka waka

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I'm going to say yes but only just. Here's my former build who's motherboard died back in Oct and I'm currently waiting on 1200w availability so I can put together my Coffee lake build.


i7 4790k@4.6

16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3@2133

Asus Maximus VII Formula

2x EVGA 1080ti FTW3s

2x Samsung 840 Evo 500gb

2x WD Black 4tb

EVGA G3 1000w

Corsair H100i

Corsair Air 540 w/ 6 Corsair HD Fans

EVGA G3 1000w

Various USB Devices(KB/Mouse/Headset/Etc)


On a few newer, hardware intensive games like AC:Origins, Witcher 3, etc I'd see my UPS report 870-900w load. I could synthetic bench it to a hair over 900w. For me I prefer to have a bit more than 100w headroom which is why I'm waiting for Corsair or EVGA to restock retailers with 1200w models.

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