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Harpoon DPI inconsistency


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Hello all!


I've been having an ongoing issue with my Corsair Harpoon mouse and its DPI settings. I play competitive CS:GO, so adjusting my DPI is part of finding one's preferred settings. However, I've found that CUE's DPI settings for my mouse do not actually take effect as they are listed in the program...


For example, 250 and 500 DPI are exactly the same. Likewise with 750 and 1000 DPI. I tested and confirmed my suspicion by creating a fixed space to slide my mouse within (left to right).


As I've read in numerous threads before my own, the Harpoon mouse adjusts by a +/-250 DPI increment. Clearly, this is the case in CUE, but the mouse hardware says otherwise.


Comments? Advice? Suggestions?

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