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768 MB XMS works fine 1 Gig, problems start.


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Greetings I might have double posted if I did Im sorry---My problem is stated below any help would be great. Thanks Grumper


Motherboard ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe Bios 1003 03/19/03

CPU AMD Atholon XP 2500+ Barton core

Speed 1.83 Ghz

Memory 768 Corsair XMS 3200 LPT 1 CMX 256 stick [ in blue slot #2 ] and 1 CMX 512 stick [ in blue slot #3] When I go and install an additional 256 MB in slot #1 [ black] it shows as 1 gig hardware, but that’s when the trouble starts [ some games wont play “Doom3” and Windows Media player “has to close” I have exchanged the 256 stick, same problem]

Video Card ATI Radeon AIW 9800 128 mb


Advanced Bios settings


CPU External Frequency [ Mhz] [ 166 Mhz]

CPU Frequency Multiple settings [ AUTO ]

X CPU Frequency Multiple [ 11.0X ]

System Performance [ Aggressive]

X CPU Interface Aggressive

X Memory Frequency 100%

X Memory Timings Aggressive

X SDRAM Active Pre Charge Delay 5

X SDRAM Ras to Cas Delay 3

X SDRAM Ras Precharge 2

X SDRAM Cas Latency 2T

FSB Spread Spectrum [ 0.50%]

AGP Spread [ Disabled]

CPU V Core Setting [ AUTO]

X CPU V Core 1,650 V

Graphics Adapter Size [ 64mb] & AGP Frequency [AUTO]

System Bios Casheable [ Disabled]

Video Ram [ Disabled]

DDR Frequency Voltage [ 2.6 Volts]

AGP ADDQ Voltage [ 1.5 Volts]

AGP 8X Support [ Disabled]

AGP Fast Write Capability [ Disabled

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