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Question about RGB Lighting/Commander Pro


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Hi All,


Short-time lurker, new-time poster. Just completed by first build ever using the 570x and now I'm adding some RGB lights. Right now I have 6 HD 120 fans connected to the Commander Pro via the included fan hub and 4 RGB corsair strips installed. (Zotty's diagrams have been invaluable in helping me to set that up - thanks!).


So this set-up currently uses both of the RGB LED Channels in the Commander Pro.


I wanted more corsair RGB strips so I just bought the Lighting Node Pro. As I was setting up I realized the Node Pro connects to the Commander Pro using the USB header. That in theory leaves me with an extra RGB LED channel in the Commander Pro to get even MORE lights if I want, is that correct?


In short, I can use one RGB LED Channel from the HD fan hub to connect to the Commander Pro. And I can use the Node Pro to control a total of 8 RGB corsair strips. And since the Node Pro does NOT use the other RGB LED channel into the Commander Pro (because of its connectivity via the USB header) I could -- in theory -- get yet another CORSAIR CL-8930002 RGB LED Lighting PRO expansion kit to plug into the 2nd RGB header -- for a total of 12 strips.


Am I correct in this thinking? Any clarification would be appreciated!



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Awesome, thank you very much for confirming! Initially I thought that the Lighting Node Pro had to connect to the Commander Pro via one of the RGB LED channels. But as I was trying to install the Node Pro this morning at 5:00 AM (Trying to get it done before work!) I realized that I was mistaken and might end up with an extra LED channel available after all. But I wasn't 100% sure. That is great news and gives me some flexibility going forward.


Thanks again! ;):

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