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H80i Vs. H80i V2 bracket question.


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I wasn't easily able to find this information from the support pages so I would be grateful for any specific information.


I have a 4 year old H80i that has recently developed a "pumptap" noise. I would like to be able to straight swap out the entire unit and preferably without messing about with the in situ backplate (Intel LGA1150 socket). I can only seem to find the Version2 of the H80i available but am unable to find out if the mounting is identical in form and fit. (The best I could see was that there is only one spare plate for that socket that is seemingly available as an aftermarket part. But it is not really that specific about V1/v2)


I could access the back of the MB around the CPU but I'd have to lay waste to a really tidy cable management job that was done on the initial build to get my nondexterous man paws in there :)


tl;dr: can I use the V1 plate to mount a new V2 unit ? Or should I go out of my way to try to source a V1 from somewhere?

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It might work, but those two coolers came from different OEM sources. Here is the current H80i v2 bracket, common to many Asetek coolers. This is the familiar CoolIT bracket you have now.


Probably only someone who has tried it can say for sure.


Assuming the thread is the same (I can't quite recall) it would technically work but would be unsupported by us officially and would void your warranty if you do run into issues specifically related to how you mounted the cooler. If you do try it, don't force anything, and of course.... your mileage may vary on this.

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I thought I would update on this having now swapped the old unit for the newer. If anyone searches for this, as I tried to, hopefully this might help if they need to do the same.


Indeed, the lateral spacing of the standoffs is the same and also the threads are the same. You will have to use the later version standoffs in the older plate as they are considerably taller.


A small tip here: depending on your ease of access to the backplate you should think ahead and replace the standoffs incrementally so the MB holes stay lined up with the backplate's threads. This way you won't have to jiggle it into place to get the first couple of standoff posts to mate with the thread (I've done similar swaps before, but it might not be obvious to some that the plate will fall away if you remove all four of the old posts).


Now the only significant issue I had: The hoses from radiator to cpu are considerably longer on the newer unit. This might make for some Rubik's cube shennanagins in anything other than a full tower. I had to take a front facing bay and the GFX card out in order to accommodate folding in the longer hoses. And that was in a case with quite good access with both sides and the top removed.


edirt: i spellz gud


I am now wearing a fluffy jumper in front of this PC. I had forgotten how chilly this unit can make you when running right :)

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