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Firm-/Software related issues?


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Hey guys


i've been the proud owner of a Strafe RGB for about a year now. It went on a few gaming sessions with the buddies, got a soda shower and all the breadcrumbs but continued working with no issue... until lately. While playing i noticed that some of the keys just did not what they're supposed to do. I installed switch-hitter after googleing for about 5 minutes and tried it: FDxljTU.png


I tried fideling about with the refresh-rate but nothing seems to work. For some reasons it does not register the shift, control, alt, r-alt, menu and windows-key correctly (First press registerd as down, second press registerd as up).


At first i thought it might be to some soda-residue in the keyboard so i orderd another one from amazon. Plugged it in and still the same problem. Updating the Firmware didn't fix it, reinstalling CUE didn't work, i have no macros on those keys so that's not it either.


I doubt that i got 2 faulty keyboards so i think it's a software or firmware related issue with the german versions. Anyone can replicate this or is it just me?

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Ok i tried the keyboard on another pc, installed switch hitter again and all was working correctly. i then plugged it back in and started windows in safe mode. Still the same issue (so it's something with windows?) any ideas?
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