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CUE.exe really chatty on HD


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I was trying to find why my PC wouldnt let a game run smoothly when i decided to use procmon.exe to see what my PC is upto. i was more than suprised that CUE.exe was the top talker. by a huge margin!


I let procmon.exe monitor my PC for one minute and create a report on the activity:




CUE.exe called the HD over 4500 times in 1 minute. (i see 3 entries every 4 miliseconds):




that doesnt look very good, and wont help getting performance form my PC :)


Did I misconfigure the software? (plain install, simple lightning effects, leds are all white, except the mute button toggles red when I mute sound)

Or is it possible to pay some attention to CUE.exe and its chattyness to make it more inline with other programs?




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