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Configuration / Wiring Question H150i in Push/Pull


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Hey Process, thanks a lot for starting this thread! I'm confused though -- why do you need 3 more LL120 fans for the H150i Pro? Wouldn't you just need one more fan because you will be recycling 2 of the existing LL120 fans currently connected H100i v2?


I'm trying to devise a similar set-up (but with HD120's) if I go the H150i Pro route and I'm not exactly clear on the set-up.


Unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't you already have 3 fans in the front, and then add 3 more to the back of the H150i Pro (total of 6 in the front case sandwiching the H150i Pro) for push/pull with your new cooler?


Anyone have some insight for me -- what am I missing?


Thanks! :biggrin:

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