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Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB ... And Then the Bugs Began


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Hi all,


I have recently bought the Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB, and received it yesterday. I am very happy with the high quality of the mouse, and I love the CUE software experience, however I am facing very bad problems that will cause me to abandon this product and return it to the store for a refund if a solution cannot be found. I wanted to touch-base with the experts here beforehand of course. I will be grateful for any help or clue.


On arrival I read through the CUE and set up my profiles.


I have removed all existing profiles (software and hardware) to begin with a clean slate, and created only 2 hardware profiles: Default (HW), and Guild Wars 2 (HW). These were successfully saved to the mouse memory. Each profile, amongst other things, has a different color "breathing" lighting effect, thus telling me which is active. I proceeded to graciously closed CUE (clicked Quit on the popup menu).

All was good, all was working, and I was very happy with my Corsair purchase!


And then the bugs began.


The issues I get are:

  1. Can't switch profiles
    Right off the bat I've noticed that without CUE running the profile-switch button does not function. I've noticed the "breathing" effect of the lighting gets reset, but remains on the same profile: Default (HW). If CUE is running, then the button functions correctly. This means I can't switch profiles if I turn CUE off (which I'd like to).
    Why is this?
  2. Error on opening CUE
    When opening CUE a day later (proper shutdown and start up of laptop), I am greeted with this beauty:
    Clicking either Save or Cancel has no effect. The dialog goes away, but the rest of CUE (here following) remains the same for either option.
  3. Corrupt profiles in CUE
    Going to the profiles page, I see this:
  4. Can't modify anything with CUE
    Trying to modify anything, either by clearing the mouse memory and redoing the profiles or simply deleting the corrupt profiles and saving the good profiles to the mouse, yields this beauty:
    Restarting CUE, dis-re-connecting mouse, nor restarting laptop, have no effect.
    Basically CUE is now useless as it can't modify anything.


Funnily enough the mouse still works with the profile Default (HW) I entered yesterday, which is good, but I can't switch it, nor can I change anything for it.


Versioning reference:

- CUE version is 2.21.67

- Mouse firmware version is 1.10

Both are the latest at time of writing this thread.


What do I do now?

How am I supposed to use this mouse?

Why can't CUE function correctly?

Has anyone seen this before?


I really love this mouse, but if no solution is found then this goes back for a refund and I'll probably leave Corsair.


Thank you for reading and thank you even more if you can help,


- Lost_Sonar

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Thank you for the reply; this seems to work as it resets the corrupt profiles allowing me to re-apply my 2 good ones with the CUE software, however, all of this gets lost if the laptop is restarted.

So I have to re-clear and re-save my profiles with CUE software after every restart (otherwise things look just like the screenshots above).


I guess Corsair is one of those companies where the product looks amazing but the software is a product-crippling afterthought QA'd by two offshore contracts who don't speak the language.


I'll try to find a solution to the 'profiles get reset if the laptop is restarted' for today (another chance) ... why can't this just work ...

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