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TwinX Module bad


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I purchased this product from Newegg.com a couple of months ago, while putting together a new computer. Once I had the machine put together, the vendor I used to assemble the maching discovered that one of the 2 modules was bad. The other works perfectly. I confirmed this with memtest. The specific product is:



(Serial#: 0BZSBU0400004AC)


The memtest on the good module ran without error. The memtest on the bad module ran with nothing BUT errors. After 3% of a test run, there were 36,000+ errors. Looks bad to me!


My problem and request is, can I return just the bad module, or do I have to return both? I still want matched modules (OK, I don't understand memory all that well, so I don't know how you match them.) If I have to return both, I have no memory to run the machine on. I do not want a refund, just a replacement module. I already contacted the vendor, and I am past time to return it thru them.


Thank you for any help you can give me.

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