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Corsair H55 AIO Liquid Cooler - Side Radiator damaged by Case Screw


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Hello Corsair Users!


I have Corsair H55 AIO Liquid Cooler. I have a M-ATX Case, which has window panel on side. I have installed the cooler on the rear. However, I find it hard to put it prior to the Corsair recommendation, which the airflow should be intake, so I have managed to make it exhaust type.


(Exhaust) Case < Radiator < Fan


Now, I closed the transparent panel, and locked the screws. Not knowing that the screws will hit the side of the radiator, and it's done. I see that the screw made shallow hole on the side of the radiator. Because, yes I tried to keep the panel tightly closed, my bad. Will this affect the radiator? :( What I can do to make it less noticeable? I just bought the cooler a week ago. It breaks my heart.


(Reference picture uploaded - inverse airflow)





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