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Lights/CUE not working except on load sequence


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Hi all,


I just bought a new PC with a new K95 keyboard. The RGB effects light up during the PC startup, shutdown, restart process. But it goes dark when the PC is past the login screen. I press the profile icons but no lights pop up on any profile. I press the light brightness button and the lighting beneath the button changes but the keyboard lights don't show.


I go into CUE and see no Lighting Effects for any of the HW profiles. I customise my own profiles, but again no lights show up when I save my own profiles and select them.


Any assistance will be appreciated.

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Sounds like corrupted drivers? Like the OS's involvement is the real issue...once you are in you have the problem.


Try a clean uninstall after backing up your cue profiles and cuefolders if applicable and then uninstall, reboot. Download the latest .MSI (again) and run it through. Reboot.


I bet it works right off the bat? See what happens after you import the profiles and folders as applicable and then save static lighting as well?

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