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I got this keyboard just two days ago and it has been making me tired and pissed of BIG TIME.


The keyboard doesn't work AT ALL with Discord. If I'm in a voice channel in Discord the keyboard just stops working, the profile I have on will just stop working and freeze, at that point I can't do nothing with it including changing the brightness, CTRL+ALT+DELETE, nothing at all. As soon as I leave the voice channel it comes back to working but not including the lights, for that I have to re-plug it or change the BIOS mode.


I've been having the same exact problem with Hearts of Iron 3 which I installed today to find out doesn't work with the keyboard.. I'm lucky there's a quit button when you launch so I can quit the game. BTW, yeah it goes back to working outside the game.


The CUE has been a pain in the *** in general, at first I was having problems with importing profiles, it would freeze and require a restart to the application. It keeps saying it can't recognize my keyboard even though it works as I am typing with it right now.


I know I must sound like a dick but I'm just so mad I got this keyboard to find it one of the most annoying things ever even with its lovely design..




Windows 10 64 Bit

16GB Ram

i5 4460 3.20 GHz

Nvidia 750 Ti

K70 LUX RGB (brand new)

Razer Deathadder Elite (brand new)

Steelseries Siberia 650

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hmmm. did you try turning off the OSD in CUE? Or maybe the demo devices are causing an issue? What CUE version you using? I havent have a problem in discord but honestly i use it infrequently particularly voice chat


I'm using version 2.21.67 for CUE and the keyboard's firmware is 2.05 and it says it's the latest.


What is the OSD and how do I turn it off and what are the demo devices and what can I do to solve it?

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UPDATE: I thought it's only with Discord and Hearts of Iron 3 but nope, keyboard suddenly failed working with everything. Every game on my steam list (BruceHuskyDamon on steam) makes the keyboard's profile freeze and the keyboard unusable, no keys work at all and I have to quit via the mouse only.
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