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CUE 2 Not working (Void Pro Wireless)


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[sOLVED] I installed my Cue 2 program and opened it. It worked. Until I plug in my USB for the Void Pros and it crashes. It works every time I unplug the USB, but as soon as I plug it in, it immediately crashes it after it realizes the Voids. Help me out, please. They work as headphones but CUE won't stay open with them plugged in.


I have tried:



uninstalling with a deep cleaner

uninstalling and rebooting after every step



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I have tried checking display scaling (Others said it fixed it)

UNplugging second monitor

Uninstalling Logitech

Uninstalling Razer synapse

Tried both CUE and CUE 2

Tried pleading to whatever headphone/software gods there are


Nothing is working.


For a little, it did open and worked for around 20 seconds. Then it crashed like before.

Please help me, I'm losing my mind.

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I opened Events Viewer and looked closer at the error.

It was a .dll called qtaudio.dll

as soon as I deleted it, CUE was able to open and run functionally.


Corsair Tech now knows about it, as i fixed it while on the phone with them, so they should be able to diagnose the problem better.

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