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GA-K8NF-9 & Twinx-4400C25PT


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Is there a compatability issue with this combination?


I am on my 2nd kit of this ram with my board and it always fails memtest5 @ 90%. When @ 275 x 9 1:1 @ default volts and timings on the ram.


Now on my Bh-5 I was able to do the same bus speed on the chip but with the mem on a 166Mhz divider. So I'd like to figure out what is wrong so I can buy a new MB...or even a new A64 chip if its my chip's mem controller. (Its a winchester btw)


Also If I could get the exact timings for this ram that would be great. I mean every single timing you can give me.


Thx. :D:

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I have not seen any MB made by Giga-byte able to over clock any where near this. Can you test the modules on another make and model of MB?


Not for another week or so till I get my DFI NF4 Ultra D.


This motherboard takes my winchester 3200+ up to 2.7ghz. 270 1:1 but that was with Corsair Twinx3200LLPT BH-5 w/ a 166Mhz divider.

A screenshot as some proof to what the board in mention can do:



I've seen many other users get high results but they had other ram. Gskill etc. Just trying to weed out if my board is bunk.


Do you have the exact timings for my 4400C25PT? Like the extended timings.

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I would just use the By SPD setting and see where it tops out then tweak the timings to enhance the performance.


alright well I guess there is just no luck with this combo of MB and ram. As I have done that.


no big deal. :sigh!:


Thx. :cool:

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