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CUE -> Scimitar Pro -> Disconnect?


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Strangest behavior, but it seems to keep happening. I will add that I am running on a Ryzen platform, so perhaps that has something to do with that.


Anyway, Keyboard K95 & Mouse Scimitar Pro work just fine (normally). Occasionally come back to find the Cue software with a red circle icon superimposed over it, and only the keyboard being displayed therein; mind you, the mouse still works, it's just not being detected by Cue anymore (until I unplug it, and plug it back in).


Additionally, and possibly related, it appears that Corsair Link is committing suicide in the background (works fine, then come back, boom, it's gone).

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And here's the little red flag that shows up when it stops detecting the Scimitar Pro (closing and reopening the software does no good). Unplugging and plugging the mouse back in seems to fix it. Already running the latest firmware and CUE software.


And yes, both CUE + Link continue to commit suicide from time to time.




I think I'm going to attach a memory dump program to them, to see if I can't catch what they are dying on. I mean, Adobe's Creative Cloud likes to kill itself as well, so plenty of reason to break out the debugger...

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