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Lighting effect timing offset


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I just started working with the cue software and for the most part it is pretty flexible and simple to use.

Something that I feel would add a lot to every effect would be to allow a time offset per lighting layer.

So for example if I set up a WAVE layer for each row of keys with every other row's wave alternating direction across the keyboard. A timing offset would allow each row to finish just before starting the next row.

This would be useful in so many scenarios.

I'm not sure if anyone from Corsair will read this but I don't know how to reach them to make this suggestion.

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Yes..this would be super useful...i use a k95 plat and an mm800. i have a wave that goes across the keyboard and would like it to continue across the mousemat so offsetting the start time on the mousemat would allow the wave to transition across smoothly. At the moment the wave occurs on both simultaneously. Just increasing the time means the wave falls out of sync.


Also would be good to be able to sync RGB devices together so you could easily run patterns across them all together instead of programming each one individually



Food for thought Corsair

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