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I'm in the same boat, i'm on my 3rd new keyboard from Corsair.

It started with a K70 Rapidfire (Cherry MX Speed).

2nd keyboard was another K70 Rapidfire (Cherry MX Speed).

3rd keyboard was a K70 Cherry MX Red, hoping the Reds would be better, but nope.

Same keychatter problem within a few days, i decided to just keep gaming with it, but now i even start noticing it in games and that blows to be quite honest.

I even recommended the keyboard to my 13 year old nephew after i bought my first one, he bought it with Cherry MX Brown and had the same keychatter problem within weeks so i felt bad about it and bought him a Logitech G610 with Cherry MX Brown (5 months later no problems with it so far).

I asked for a refund now and they are looking into it, sadly i had to correct them on the correct amount.

I hope it works out and i get a decent refund soon.


I actually took my old keyboard from work back home, it's a 1988 Chicony KB-5191 with Cherry MX Blue, using a DIN to PS2 convertor and no software at all.

Just saying that a 30 year old Chicony still works flawless, and a 1 year old Corsair is ready for scrap.....i'm not sure what Corsair did wrong, but i'm pretty sure it's not just Cherry's fault.


Would be nice if Corsair comes up with an explanation instead of sending me just another $45.96 production cost board (yup it's in the invoice) and still sell it for $119.

Don't want to be harsh, but Corsair ain't giving me any reason to ever buy their gaming hardware again.

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