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So, a few products we've known about for a while, and a few more were showcased these past couple of days at CES 2018. I'm going to do a quick review for each and then others can chime in:


H115i and H150i Pro AIO Coolers

At long last, the coolers from Computex 2017 have been made available everywhere, coming with ulltra-quiet ML fans. Ideally I'd like to see these with LL fans on them at some point as well, so users who already have the RGB fan controller can just add it to their spec.



As a fan of having a blu-ray writer in my case, I can't personally see myself buying the product, but it looks cool nonetheless. I will say that I entirely agree with JayzTwoCents's comments - there should be LL fans coming with it, and its front panel lightbar could be RGB; the latter shouldn't be hard given the K95 Platinum offers a similar effect.


Obsidian 500D

I am a little disappointed the one with the curved, tempered glass front panel will be limited stock, but its two tempered glass doors is a fantastic offering for such a low price point. However, if the standard front panel could be made removable or swing open; revealing a filtered space for fans and one optical drive, this would be a good trade-off.



An amazing set of improvements over the AX1500i, and coming in at the same price to boot. Even the magnetic colour strips are a nice touch.


K63 Wireless

It's no secret I'm an RGB heathen, so when I hear there are 2 wireless mechanical keyboards, both with blue LEDs, I feel a little confused... if anything I would've expected the SE keyboard to have a yellow backlight (since that is Corsair's brand colour), and then the "ice blue" would've been the normal model.


As for an RGB model, if it didn't use per-key backlighting this could solve the issue of power draw with wireless connectivity. However, I would be content with one offering a white backlight instead.


Dark Core RGB and MM1000 Qi Wireless

The "Unplug and Play" range is an unexpected surprise, but also a strong contender against Razer's own Hyperflux system launched at the same time. Finally we have peripherals that blow Logitech's atrociously expensive product line out of the water, and with the dongle to charge other devices, this makes Corsair's the frontrunner.



Not quite the LAPDOG 2.0 I had hoped for, but still a great product. With its replaceable mouse pad as well, this leaves development of a Qi solution open.

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