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wireless incarnations on the horizon...CES18


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Corsair posted to their IG a shot of a wireless RGB keyboard and mouse pad combo with wireless charging mousemat...or thats what i think it was.


I think having a full RGB mechanical keyboard mouse pair for lapdog style gaming is a cool idea and the real reason being when i play a game like GTA V or Mafia 3 or even just cause on my TV (or even other games with poor controller support or where they support both and you casually waltz into a high tension situation and you need your aim skillz - it is nice to have).


Not trying to second guess product development as i get the need to offer a competing product to logitech's offerings, but I hope that does not mean the near term abandonment of wired hardcore peripherals. I'd love to see a V2 K95 platinum Pro with an 18 key or more hardware macroset, lightbar and pass thru :)


Maybe also a future ST200 /Void 2 Ultra with wireless charging :)


Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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