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Some criticism regarding certain products and general politics


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Dear Corsair team!



I have long since been debating to buy certain products of yours, specifically those of the peripheral variety. Keyboards such as the K70 RGB or even K95 Platinum are very attractive indeed, especially optically. Expensive? Yeah. Not feature-complete despite of that? Also true. Truth be told, if it was not for aesthetic aspects, I might have gone for a Ducky Shine 6 instead long ago.


Then, recently, I got to watch some videos on Youtube showcasing your K70 SE RAPIDFIRE, which features a silver chassis (I have missed that for a long time) and white keycaps, which are also made of double-shot PBT. Now, that is one product I'd certainly want to buy! In fact, I might no longer have thought about it the very moment said video was finished.


One issue, though: It is not available in my region (Europe, Germany). In fact, it does not seem to be available anywhere in the western hemisphere. Instead it's sold exclusively in Asia. At least, if I am going to believe Kyle on BitWit, which, in this case, I am inclined to do.


Now, sure, region-related restrictions are nothing to write home about, they're sadly quite common in some markets. Still I am left to ask myself: Why would I spend 200 Euros (not just Dollars, Euros, which are technically higher in value) on a K95 Platinum, if it does not even offer me the best experience your company can offer? If money was no issue, I'd perhaps look into purchasing those PBT keycaps separately for a "normal" K70 or K95 Platinum ... but guess what: Those are not available here, either. And they won't be, at least not with a ISO-DE Layout, as far as I am aware. Not that UK or other EU-Layouts seem to be any better off at this time.


I am certain, all of this is based on extensive market research and subject to a very specific strategy, which I have not available to me and have therefore no basis to criticize. I can easily imagine Asia and especially America being much more important markets to you, that assumption is not exactly rocket science (any responds to this post themed "There is not enough of a market there! You have no idea of how economics work, think like a salesman!" may therefore go straight to hell, because their authors clearly do not understand the point I want to make).


However, as a potential customer outside of those regions I will tell you right now: This is utter and complete bull****!


Your K-Line flagships are extremely high-priced and therefore try to compete in a field, which might be considered an "enthusiast arena". Still, said products fail to deliver the high standard that should be expected of them in such an environment. The f****d part about that is not, though, that you cannot deliver such things - it's simply that you don't want to. Instead you deny those of us, who will not be satisfied so easily, the opportunity to purchase and test your most attractive products.


Yeah, sure, enough people may buy a K95 Platinum anyway, in spite of its, by comparison, cheap keycaps (which cannot be replaced easily, either, because you deliberately use a non-standard layout ;)) and the fact that they may like more options for switch, color or whatever else. "Works for Razer, too, right???"


That should not be the attitude, though. You want to be the best? Everywhere? Anytime?

You want to be considered a premium brand instead of another mainstream one like Razer, Asus, Logitech?

Then frickin' DO something about it. Give your customers the chance to experience the limits of your capability. Offer them options. You do not even need to be innovative for that. The foundation has already been laid, dammit.



Well, that one's out of my system now. English is not my native language, so excuse any overly German parts, please. Also, don't take any of this personally, please. Then again ... yes, please do. And take the good advice :P



All the best






PS: Oh, also kindly remove the sniper button from your next M65 incarnation, yes? I will not even make the effort to state, why :P Thank you! ;D

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