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Scimitar rebinding issues


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Is there a way to change DPI up and DPI down to forward and backward (alt+left and alt+right)?

I found out how to make the macro, but no matter what I can't seem to delete the defaults.

Also the number buttons on the side don't do anything when I press them, do I have to bind them each individually?


It's been kind of a hassle to figure out this program.

I just barely figured out I need to be in portrait mode or else it clips the top, bottom and sides of the program window off in landscape.

All I want is something that plugs in and works...

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1. That should be possible in CUE by creating a new action and remapping it to the backwards and forwards button.


2. Do you mean delays? if so, you can delete all of them and add new ones using the tollbox on the right, or turn off delays via the checkbox.


3. Yes, they need a bind to work.


There is a unofficial CUE 2 manual that may help.


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