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My rig runs silent with an H80i on the CPU and an H60 on the GPU. All Fans (including side and exhaust) are Cougar 3 pin fans.


I am running a Commander Pro and it works very well except for one issue which I cannot remedy and am hoping there is a way to build this in to future builds of Link.


My idle temp on the CPU package is around 36°C and the two H80i fans are tied to it on a custom profile. However when I open Chrome and some other programs (a 100 times a day) the Package temp jumps to 50°C for about 5 sec at which point the fans ramp up to max speed for about 10 sec - and then evrything then goes back to idle, . Would it be possible to add a delay to the ramp process so that it only starts if a temp stays at a higher level for say 10 seconds? I have this facility on my Asus Suite but do not want may fan controls running through there.

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This one - fan hysterisis - is already in planning.

Honestly, though, there are ways to mitigate this, even with your setup. Unfortunately, you are using 3-pin, rather than 4-pin (PWM fans). The radiator fans should be tied to the coolant temperature, not the CPU temperature. Consider the situation ... what are the radiator fans cooling? The CPU? No! They are cooling the coolant flowing through the radiator. A temporary jump in CPU temps won't impact your coolant temperature; extended load will. And your fans don't need to spin up. Also, after an extended load, it'll take far longer for your radiator to cool down than it will for your CPU ... so the fans need to run a little longer at high speed. While hysterisis will mitigate this, it's better to base your fan speeds on the temperatures that they actually have impact on .. the coolant.

In fact, with both the CPU and the GPU water cooled, your key temps are going to be internal case temperatures. THAT is what your fan curves should be based on, not CPU temperature. Your case fans are there to maintain airflow and cooling to ensure that the radiators have cool air blowing through them and so that your non-liquid cooled components (hard drives, etc) don't overheat. CPU temperature has absolutely, positively ZERO impact on that temperature. You have the Commander Pro, which means you have 4 temp sensors for internal and ambient temps as sources for your fan curves.

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