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Brand new LL140 RGB leds not working


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So im about to start on a big custom build here tomorrow once the final part's come in the mail, and today i went and snagged 3 LL140's for my radiator. 1 two pack with the lighting node pro and 1 single.


I have an open frame case so it was easy for me to plug this all in to my current PC to test just sitting on my desk.


Long story short, fan's are all spinning. Led's are non responsive.


First one appear's to have 1 led lit red on the right side of the inner ring.


Second one appear's to have 1 led lit green on the right center outter right.


and third one very very dimly has a blue hue to the left center outter ring.


I've tried both usb 2.0 header's on the mobo. Not sure what im doing wrong here. Did i manage to get 3 broken fan's?

Thanks for any help!





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First, they need to be in 1, 2, 3 on the Fan Hub.

But what we need to do is re-arrange them on the hub.

I suggest the following:

Set the fans to a static color in Link. This will make it easier to see.

Start with labeling each fan (with masking tape) A-B-C. And take notes as you go through it.

A-B-C would be your current setup. We know that doesn't work.

Start by reversing them ... C-B-A. Does that work? Do some fans light up and not others?

Arrange them a B-A-C, C-B-A.

What we're trying to do is to see if there is 1 bad fan that's taking down everything else in the line (like I said, they work in series) or if there is something with the RGB Fan Hub and/or Lighting Node Pro. If it's one of them, the arrangement won't matter ... you'll see the same stuff. If it's one of the fans that isn't properly passing the signal down the line, you'll see different results based on the order. And that's why you take notes of the results.

It's even better if you can do this outside the case ... say, with a spare power supply. You should be able to use a standard mini USB cable to connect the LNP to a USB port.

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Just tried rearranging them.

No matter where it's plugged in(Tried 1,2,3 {A}Remains with 1 red led.

{B} is pretty much unlit no matter what. If that feint blue is still there it's not enough to see now that it's daylight.

{C} Same deal. 1 green led.

Did them all in different order's swapping A,b,c on 1,2,3 and the result's are always the same.

Bad LNP?

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So made my trip back up there.

Exchanged the two pack with node.

Came home, tested the new node on fan C. Same green led on right side. No other response. Then plugged the new node into the new Fan A and B....INSTANT

These things are gorgeous in person.


So that leaves me with fan C. Gonna go ahead and guess this just mean's it's bad?

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