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LED lights incorrect and flickering FAULTY


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I have had my K95 FOR a few months now, a few days ago the ¬!WERT keys are flashing/flickering and led are showing the wrong colours


Example white colour is pink green is red, wot is this?


I do not know what is causing this issue


Can some one please tell me how to fix this?


I have reinstalled software 3 times


I have pulled out the usb and held the escape for 10 seconds


There is no dirt on the keyboard, I have blown air on the keys


No avail


Bought it from Amazon about 6 months ago


Seems to me a £200 keyboard isnt really a £200 keyboard, corsairs quality control is deteriorating, I bought a corsair T1 gaming chair only to find the plastic parts broken.


Anyways I need to fix the K95 Platinum as it looks rather ugly and it bothers me.


Anyone know how to fix this fault???

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I asked for a RMA on my K95 Platinum keyboard, due to led fault, flickering lights with wrong colours.


Corsair support staff sent me an email after 5 days, a rather scripted response asking me to:


press the reset button located next to the polling rate switch


However the K95 Platinum doesn't have a poling rate switch.


Now if Im dumb then please guide me to where this apparent reset switch is on the platinum's


if it doesn't then the support staff are clearly not reading the email I sent re the RMA request.





the reset button is hidden away under the height adjustment clip, anyway that hard f

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