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please help with PSU RM1000i


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HI all,


Since 2 days I try to figure out what cables to buy in order to connect My Corsair RM1000i PSU to 2 x 1070 TI GPUs

on the GPU i have 8+6 pins/entry


Side note: I already have a Titan x installed with same 8+6 intro the gpu and in the PSU 8 pin.


From my logic I need the same cables? 8 pin (that goes into PSU) and ends with 8 pins + 6 pins (14 in total)


I was not able to find such a cable anywere. The one that is already connected to the TITANX and RM1000i says only TYPE 4 on it.


also all the endings have to be male pins right?

I mad a picture for rhe right cable my other card is using, please see attachment.


Any help/advice is much appreciated.



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  • Corsair Employees

Your PSU came with four cables, each with two PCIe connectors on them.


Titan X needs one 6-pin and one 8-pin (use 6+2-pin). That's one cable.


The new cards need the same. That's two more cables.


What happened to your other three cables?

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thatțs the problem. when I ordered my rig I did it with a gaming company and they sent me no additional cables, just the rig with the titan x connected, which is connected with the cable I added in the attachment.

Now I bought 2 more cards, 1070 TI and since it also has 8 + 6 holes in it as the titan x, I donțt know what cables I should buy in order to work with the psu and with the 2 new cards.

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