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Ideas for air flow direction?


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Is that H75 tied into the GPU? I can't quite make out the GPU model, but it really matter not. You always want to exhaust your GPU AIO waste heat. Even a "light" GPU is to have a steady output of 175-200W and bigger cards approach 300W. This double to triple the heat from your standard 95W TDP CPU. Even when overclocked, the CPU load would be far less and is less likely to be pegged at 100% continuously. Even if the air tower adds some more heat into the GPU radiator, it doesn't make much difference if the GPU is 50 or 55C. If it were on air it would be much higher and is designed to take it. It must be really hot in between those two coolers right now.


There might be some usage arguments for placement and I might set up a CPU number cruncher different than a multi-purpose PC that also does some gaming.

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