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RM750i issue


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I have an RM750i where connector and cables are all black, I inserted my GPU 6pins power cable to a peripheral&sata connector on my PSU and the system smoked.


what a bad design, making the 6 pins of the 8 pins PCIE similar to the 6pins of peripheral&sata (the square & round square single connectors)

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I used the "Premium Individually Sleeved" cables made by corsair and compatible with my PSU. The problem is : why Corsair made the 6 connectors of the 8-pcie connectors compatible with the 6 connectors of peripheral&sata ?? so it lets users connect it incorrectly (if he don't read cables) and smoke his PC. On computer we have the habit that a cable never plug in wrong place.
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In the other thread (because you posted in four different threads), you stated that it was a 6-pin to 6+2-pin.


So it's not? It's 8 to 6+2?


Because in the other thread, you also said that you plugged 6 of the pins in, leaving the +2 separate.


Which is it?


I'm sorry that you may have fried your hardware, but I have a hard time following how you messed this up.


I know you want to blame Corsair for allowing different connectors to plug into different ports, but I've never heard of anyone doing this when using the correct cables (i.e. Corsair cable used in Corsair PSU).


Common sense would dictate that you would look at the cable and determine which end goes where. That's why I asked if you've ever built a PC before.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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