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h100i v2 high temp


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Hi everyone,


i have been using this cooler around 2 years, recently the CPU temp seems to getting high, i have to set the pump to performance to avid the CPU getting high temp.

Have tried replace the thermal paste, but it doesn't seems to related to the temp problem, the temperature is still high after i replace it.



CPU: 6700k


CASE: nzxt h440

i have replaced the cooler original fan to below model

cooler fan: Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm 3000 RPM


room temp is around 19C - 25C



I have attach a photo of corsair link when the CPU is idle , do you think there is any problem with the cooler?








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updated the photo with cpu load
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Hi Bud..


Pump Rpm seems ok so Fan header should still be set to maximum. I am thinking Blockage :(.. there is a filter on the pump that can get blocked up over time causing this issue.... sometime a shake can sort it for a while but generally its deemed a quick fix to get you by until you can replace it....


have a look for your proof of purchase and open a ticket in case your are still in warranty....

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I am afraid I agree and this is most likely some sort of blockage or flow problem. You might be able to get some momentary relief by tapping the hoses, pump cap, or even taking the head off and shaking it. However, any gains would be temporary and you need to move toward a replacement. The tech support ticket system link is at the top of the page. If you have another cooler, put it on. You might be able to get away with some light and short duration browsing, but no more loads until another cooler is in place.
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