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780T upgrades...just dreaming


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LOve the case, I like big roomey cases but for not many dollars they could improve the 780T by doing :


1/ A shroud for the PSU so I can cover my wiring


2/ Remove front drive bays, extend the front and make it 3 x 140mm fans in front. That would be beautiful


3/ Update the front IO panel for the latest USB connections


4/ Extend the floor all the way across with permanent SSD bracket connections on the rear ( remove the drive cages .....external hard drives do the job )


5/ For me...remove the fan controller as I have the Corsair Commander which works beautiful


Even go all the way and make a Corsair 780T Commander special that has the Commander connected to the case and the 3 front and one rear are all 140MM RGB fans. Have a shroud over the PSU as well


Put my order in now :-)

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