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commander pro or lighting noid


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I just finish building my first PC an loved every minute of it.


I would love to control the HD120 RGB Fans from the corsair link software, just undecided if i like to start controlling fan speed as I currently do that thru the bios now.


The commander pro and the lighting noid can control RGB fans just undecided which one i should get.


Please help me make a decision?


Thank you



PS do you know where i can purchase nice red wire combs or red wire clips?



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Hey! Very nice, very clean build!!


So ... Lighting Node Pro vs. Commander Pro.

Really, the question is, I think, what would the CoPro do that you can't do with LNP? Both can add the effects for the fans. So let's talk about what I see as the value-add for the Commander Pro.

Windows-based fan control: This makes it easy to tweak your fan curves without rebooting ... and immediately (or almost immediately) see the impact of those changes. If you like to mess around with the fan settings to tune them for the best balance of noise and cooling, this is pretty key. BIOS controls require a reboot ... get into the BIOS ... blah, blah, blah.

Multiple Profiles: Yeah, you can't do this with the BIOS settings. The profiles in Link also include your fan curves. So you can switch them out, play with them, do whatever ... and go back to a known state. Or have one profile for winter and one for summer. Or whatever you with. It's a level of flexibility that you just don't have without software control. I didn't really realize this until I got the Commander Pro and started playing with it.

Temperature Sensors: No one talks about this but this is one of the key things for me ... the temperature sensors. With a water cooled system, the CPU temp isn't really a good source for your fan curves. Instead, you really want to monitor and manage the internal case temperatures, particularly above the GPU (which gets quite warm) and use that for your fan control. I have most of my fans based on a sensor that is just above my GPU ... and the rest of the case (it's huge) stays relatively cool.

Extra USB ports: Motherboard manufacturers have gotten pretty stingy with the USB ports. The Commander Pro adds to internal USB 2.0 headers to the system.

Are they worth it? I think so. I have two of them ... one in my personal tower system and one in my home server.

Now ... one thing about the Lighting Node Pro ... it's only available, AFAIK, with 4 LED strips. If you get the CoPro, you can get the LED strip expansion pack if you want those. Otherwise, the only way to get the LNP is either with LL/ML fan packs or with the strips.

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Thank You so much,


Actually a Corsair white RM750X which come with the white wrap cables.


Now in search for for nice Red Cable combs or the closed clips type.


Yeah, but I want the Link integration and control. They don't have the white PSU with the Link integration. :(:

Don't know where to get the cable combs, though. Sorry.

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Worth noting that Corsairs premium sleeved 24 pin cables have some of their pins double cabled meaning that regular combs lack deep enough slots for those cables like the supplied corsair combs have... Which you cant get for love or money. well I cant anyways..



Note there is 3 deeper slots...



and LOTS of choice on Fleabay for Combs.. from glow in the dark to uv reactive and Camouflage to clear lol

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Make sense, maybe i will just spray paint the corsair combs that came with the PSU.


what combs?.. certainly dont get any with the RMi range and with the premium cables kits you get one for the 24pin :(.. I did ask in the past about sourcing a couple of more 24pin corsair ones but my plea's went unanswered lol

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My PSU came with 2 - 24pin combs and 6-8 pin combs


Well i think thye do sell them on there web store, but i think i am going to take a chance on the one Devbiker sent.


I will let you know,


That's because you got the white PSU, right?

Those really are quite pretty. If they had them in 1kW with Link and RGB, I think I might starve myself for one. :roll:

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