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First time powering up PC Blows fuse


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So week ago when i first time turned my computer powersupply RM850x on for BIOS check it downed the fuse of the room:bigeyes:. I checked every cable and all was fine. I put the fuse back online and tried again and then the Pc worked fine. Pc was off the wallsocket until today when i got the videocard what i was waiting and same thing happened. First time putting power on, the fuse went off. Tried again and it's working fine. Ijust bought the supply is it broken or what is the problem? :sigh!:
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Last time we had a guy on the forums with this same story, he had screwed the case screw for mounting the PSU into the wrong hole of the PSU (an exhaust hole and not one of the threaded mounting holes). The screw head pierced the PCB so whenever he powered on the PC, it shorted and tripped the breaker.






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