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Corsair Void Pro RGB won't work on PS4


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Hello to the great users of the Corsair forums, I am writing this thread in regard to my Corsair Void Pro RGB (USB Version).


As of recently I got back into my playing on console because of the new Call of Duty. When first hooked up my headset to the PS4 everything worked great, it was detected and I had no problems. But after it was disconnected for my brother to use his headset I now can't seem to get mine to work.


It doesn't get detected by my PS4 nor do I have the option to change to it manually in my audio settings. I have tested to make sure the headset works fine and it in fact does, no problems when connected to my PC. Any help/information regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

Vortex :biggrin:

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