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Is TWINAX 3200C2PT Single or Double sided?


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I just inadvertently ordered four sticks of 512 instead of two sticks of 1 Gig like I intended..


My motherboard is the K8N Neo4 Platinum.


Two sticks of Doublesided memory are okay at 400 MHZ.


However, four sticks of doublesided memory are okay only at 333 MHZ.


At the same time, four sticks of singlesided memory can run at 400MHZ.


This is why I NEED this RAM to be singlesided.. but there is no indication on this site or anywhere else that it is or isn't.


If it isn't I will have to send it back (order shipped today).



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I am sorry but at this time all 512 Meg modules are double sided. Probably wont see single sided 512 Meg modules untill later this year or next year!


This is sad news indeed :(


Is there a way to tell which it is from the model number? Will it have the A in next to the 3200 part of the model number (as I read from an older post.. much older)?

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