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HG10 Not Cooling Titan Correctly


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Hi guys, basically I have a GTX Titan and I wanted to prolong the life and get some more performance from it with some overclocking so I bought a bracket to attach and a 110i to cool it (the same thing is on my cpu and is great)


Long story short I put it on the GPU and it doesnt seem to be cooling it anywhere near where I'd imagine, it still goes right up to thermal throttle and the little blower fan goes full speed. I put the 110i onto the opt cpu fan header to get the rpms to show correctly in link, could that be affecting things?


Any help much appreciated :)

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No, the H110i is SATA powered so that lead to the motherboard does not have any voltage properties. Most likely your coldplate and GPU chip are not making good contact. In a hybrid GPU system, the GPU diode will be more or less room temperture at the desktop and with a 280mm radiator you should not go much past 40--45C at full tilt.


There are a lot of pages in the thread below and perhaps another HG10 user can offer more pointed advice, but start by looking at the contact. There may be some additional tricks. I know my Titan X (Pascal) has a rather infuriating little recession making it incompatible with normal flat cold plates. I have to use a special one with a raised center section to make it work.



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