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Hydro 115i don't show up in corsair link


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Hello guys


First of all, sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me well.

So yesterday I installed my pc for the first time, those are the specs:


asus prime z370-a

corsair hydro 115i

8x2 corsair vengeance rgb 3000mhz

corsair rm650x

Evga 1080Ti Ftw3


when i finished i installed windows and all drivers, including Corsair Link 4,

and all was good, I saw the hydro h115i in the Corsair Link.

This morning, turning up the pc and just checking everything is fine, and suddenly saw that the hydro h115i disappeared from the corsair link.

I'm still hearing the liquid moves, and corsair logo is lightning.

tried to remove corsair link and install it again, tried to change the usb port connecting to the pump on the mb, and nothing, still not showing up in the corsair link!


that's very bothering me, can you please help me with this?



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Hi buddy


head into Device manager and then into Universal Serial Bus controllers and make sure the Corsair USBXp driver is there.. even if it is there and enabled... disable and re-enable it ;).. fingers crossed its a simple fix...

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So ... every time you restart, it disappears. Does it reappear again when you disable and re-enable in Device Manager (as Zotty suggested)?


Yes, after disable and re-enable in device manager it's reappear but just until the next restart when it's disappearing again.

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thanks for your reply,

So you think it's safe to use and play heavy gaming with that problem exsiting?


Yeah ... if you disable/enable first. Or ... if you want, you can usually write your settings (custom curve, etc.) to the device. Go to Options ... Devices. If you see the cooler in the list with an option that says "Use current settings as default", then you can write the settings to the firmware and they'll apply without requiring Link to be running. I actually run my home server this way.

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