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K63 Keyboard and pro RGB mouse...


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I have a K63 Red RGB keyboard..

and a M65 PRO RGB mouse...

everytime I boot my computer theyre both glowing red... then after typing in my PW to my computer. and it starts to load programs (discord and others)

the keyboard and mouse stop glowing. they function fine.. but no RGB.

the keyboard only glows red. so I wouldn't say its RGB. but its kinda annoying not having either glow. and quite hard to see the keys in the dark. BUT if I restart my PC.. once. twice. or how ever many times it takes.. sometimes the mouse and keyboard WORK AND GLOW... without shutting off the RGB... so.. I'm confused..

What i havew plugged in my USB slots.




Blue Yeti

mic headset.

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The K63 is a red LED keyboard, not RGB. The M65 is full RGB and usually defaults to some blue/yellow combination, all of which are customizable. Are you running the CUE program?


There are some issues with the Windows login and the OS behavior toward USB devices when you lock it. Are you running the Fall Creators' Update build? If you are on the desktop and the colors are not behaving, quit CUE and then re-launch it.

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