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CMK32GX4M2L3000C15 in shops, not on website: legitimate?


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Currently looking at available RAM modules in the Netherlands for a new build based on MSI Z370 Krait Gaming + i7-8700K. Not looking to overclock manually, so I may simply go for generic 2x16GB 2666/C16 or /C15: my intent is multi-year reliability rather than outright performance.



Looking at prices here however, one particular Vengeance LPX 3000/C15 kit stands out as being significantly cheaper than comparable modules, and even less than the 2666/C16 modules, consistently across multiple retailers:



This part number is not recognised on the Corsair website however, and is not present in the "DDR4 Part Numbers" thread.



Notable is the "L" value in the Revision field; I doubt there have been revisions all through the alphabet from A to L for this one frequency/CAS combo, so does that L mean anything special? Is this even a legitimate Corsair module?


Ultimately the most important question for me is of course, is this kit safe to buy for my intended build?

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Hello, i have the same question and need support, i can't find my version with the "L" value on the Revision field on the Corsair website, only the version with the "B" value (CMK32GX4M2B3000C15) - But what is the difference from the CMK32GX4M2L3000C15 and the CMK32GX4M2B3000C15?? What is the significant from "L"?? - Look my attachment, is this a legitimate Corsair RAM Module?? I can’t find anything in the Corsair website! Is this RAM good for OC on a Ryzen System?

Thanks in advance ..


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