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ST100RGB : random restart


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First, sorry if my english isn't perfect :)


My brother gifted me the Corsair ST100RGB headset support for Christmas, but I'm having some issue with it.

He's working, but sometimes, it keeps restarting a couple of times and work great after. (it happens every 5-10 minutes approximately.).

(here is a small youtube video to show you my issue).




Any idea?

Thank :)

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Well, I don't know how I fixed it but now it's working great ..


Thank you ^^


I have another question. Is that possible to use the "starting rainbow color" in permanent? I don't know how to do it with the software and I really want this default starting color. Any idea for me?

Thank have happy new year!

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Dang, I am experiencing a similar issue with power issues on the ST100. Can you remember anything you did to fix?


Well, I tried multiple USB port but it doesn't change anything. I try to force update all corsairs driver, I restarted my computer a couple of time and now I don't have this problem anymore. I don't really know if it's definitely fixed or not, but I don't have this problem atm.

I can't help you more, sorry ^^

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