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Multiple Issues with my K70 Keyboards


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Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!


I am writing here today to try and recieve guidance on what i should do regarding my Corsair K70 LUX RGB (Cherry MX Brown) keyboard.

I had purchased this keyboard as a replacement for the K70 RGB (non LUX, Cherry MX Red) that i unfortunately RMA'd because of key chatter and CUE incompatibility, and i had thought that i would have fixed my issues with the LUX right? Wrong, It seems that i am having a different issue with this one which i will explain in points, but please be aware that i am new to mechanical keyboards and Cherry MX switches in general.


- Issue #1: High Frequency Noises emitting from the keyboard

A rather bizarre issue, but if i rest my wrist on the wrist-pad and begin to type, it emits a "screeching" noise if you will, I'm almost certain that this isn't supposed to happen.


- Issue #2: Springy Noises coming from keys

I believe this is called "Ping" and i may be experiencing it on my keyboard, on release of a key i can faintly hear a noise similar to that of a spring being pinged. (Hence the name of the issue i suppose). I am not sure if this is normal or not on Cherry MX Brown keys.


- Issue #3: CUE Compatibility

I am not sure if this is my keyboard, CUE itself or something on my PC thats doing this but i am experiencing a issue where most of the time CUE states that no device has been found, or simply doesn't show a message at all, leaving my supposed RGB keyboard to default to the red and white WASD and arrow keys. Since i am using a ASUS Strix Z270F motherboard i plugged only the keyboard cable into the USB3.0 port.


Any help regarding any of these issues would be greatly appreciated, I am sad to see this happen as Corsair usually make sick products! If it turns out that i have to RMA this keyboard as well, how would i go about doing so as I am from the United Kingdom.

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