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Corsair H100i V2 CPU Fan speed error detected


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Guys, I need some help regarding the above subject.


I have just built a system using:

Asus Maximus X Hero, i7 8700K cpu & a Corsair H100i V2


1 cable from the pump is plugged onto the AIO_Pump header on the board. The other cable from the pump that runs into a 2 plug conector, has each plug going to each fan on the radiator.


Each time I restart the computer, or when the PC has to restart, the PC gets to the POST screen where it displays an error message:


" CPU Fan speed error detected.

Ensure that the CPU fan is properly installed on the CPU_FAN header

or adjust/disable the Fan Speed Low Limit option the UEFI BIOS.

Press F1 to RUN Setup"


So I press & get into BIOS, press F8 & then select my hard drive from the Boot Menu & then continues to boot into windows.


I have to do this every time.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Wishing everyone a safe & prosperous 2018

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You have two options:

1) Connect the cable from the pump to the CPU_FAN header (as in the installation instructions). You will then have to go to the BIOS and set the CPU_FAN header to Manual/100% (in the Asus BIOS, go to Advanced and disable Q-Fan control on the CPU_FAN header).

2) Disable the CPU Fan warning.


Of the two, #1 is preferable as it'll give you a CPU Fan warning if your pump isn't working.


Going with #1, what the BIOS screen will look like is attached.


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As above. Despite the name, there is nothing special about the AIO header. It is a normal CHA fan header preset to run at 100%, like what you need to set the CPU fan to do. The irony is it's wasted on most AIO systems that have their own fan controller on the pump. It is more useful on the custom or older water systems where the pump and fans each need their own power source (pump on AIO, fan on CPU/OPT). It doesn't matter too much, but since OPT copies CPU_Fan and has no independent controls and AIO is not reconfigurable to be CHA fan header on every model, Asus is throwing away a lot of headers. Frankly, it was better when the AIO was just a CHA fan header and you could set it to 100% if you wanted a pump there or use it normally for fans. One day, Asus will make OPT independently controllable, like every other manufacturer.
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Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate it.


I was dissapointed that Corsair did not include a user manual with more detail & information than the included quick start guide. The only info they gave regarding power to fans & pumps is what is shown in the picture below.





And what really irritated me more was I was given only 8 washers in the box instead of 16. And noop, no washers were on any screws.


Thanks again for the replies & have a safe & prosperous 20118


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This whole specialized AIO/W_PUMP header trend started after these coolers were released and in those systems without them, putting on CPU Fan makes the most sense. The location is close, if the pump does not start you get a BIOS warning, and this leaves other externally located headers closer to the fans they will power. I am hoping this AIO header phase ends soon. I have two X99 boards, one from before and one after board makers started doing this. The newer board is a nuisance with its headers and led me to buy a Commander Pro, just to get off the board and its unnecessary behaviors and poor placements.
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The tip about setting the fan headers to 100% was a miss in the Quick Start Guide, to be sure. But to c-attack's point ... the AIO header thing is something that some motherboard manufacturers do, some don't ... and the guidance from the motherboard manual isn't any clearer on the details behind it either.

That's part of the challenge, I think, for all companies that are involved in the enthusiast, build-it-yourself market. There is just so much variety out there that it's absolutely impossible to account for every little nuance and variation in any manual.

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