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RM750X not giving power to GTX1060


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Bought this PSU around a year ago when I was running a GTX970 and at the start it was fine with the odd glitch of the monitor all of a sudden displaying "No Signal".


I put it down to the card to be honest as "Google" mentions loads of driver problems with Windows 10.


The card took 2 x 6 Pin.


I would say I maybe had a gaming night once a week/fortnight for best part of the year been crazy busy in work.


More recently I have been playing more and all of a sudden the "No Signal" became more frequent to the extend I spent a whole night disabling windows from updating my drivers to trying every Nvidia one out for the card ... still exists.


I thought ok lets get a new card so I bought a EVGA 1060 FTW+ which takes a 8 pin and BOOM the PSU doesn't give it enough power to even light up.


I updated my BIOS etc thinking it was just not being recognised.


My friend came over with his PSU and PC and Card boots up perfectly so it seems the PSU is faulty does everyone agree or have I overlooked something?


I tried the spare cable as its modular exactly the same.


Raised a ticket #664308 and been on hold now for 53 minutes to speak to someone as I really want my PC working ASAP.


I understand from the chat that it needs an RMA and can take 3-5 business days once my ticket is dealt with is this correct and anyway to speed this up?


There is not one bit of dust in this PSU hardly been used with the PC up on a desk well ventilated.


If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


If I put a GTX460 in the PC running on 1 6 pin it works without a problem which I would guess due to it requiring lower power to run?

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