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Corsair AX1500i and Crossfire VEGA 64 Liquid shutdown issue


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Hi everyone,


Recently I purchase a Corsair AX1500i to power two AMD VEGA 64 Liquid Cooling running in Crossfire. At the first all the thing went smoothly when I'm using the PC for lightweight task like web browsing, watching Youtube, etc... But when I play CSGO sometime my PC auto shutdown and then I have to start it again. When I logged to Windows, I notice there is a 71 event error code in Event Viewer so I think the problem could be from the PSU. When I try to benchmark mining performance with those cards, the system shutdown immediately.


I read some other topics on internet, most of them say that I should disable OCP protection in Corsair Link software, but even though I've disabled OCP, issue still happen.


I'm using the cables came with the PSU, not a 3rd cables. I use single cable from the PSU and end with two 6+2 pin to the GPU. Maybe I should use two different cable for each 8 pin?


Any one know how to fix it? :(:

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