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Bad Module/Modules CMX512-3200C2 v1.1


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Twin Sticks




Ram worked fine for a few months(a7n8xdeluxe/2800+/audigy2/9700pro/winxp) RAM always spec lower at 333mhz. Then I started getting blue screens, at bottom of blue screen it was dumping physical memory. PC would not boot after, POST card indicated it was the ram. Took 1 stick out, PC booted. Replaced stick and then PC booted with both in again, cept I changed stick 1 with stick 2's slot. Then PC would get windows has recovered from a serious error, or in other words explorer crashing. In game JointOps I get sysdump errors, but in most games i get no error and game just crashes. I then built a new PC (av8pro/64-3500+/6800gt/audigy2/winxp) I bought new ram 1gig of value series 3200 which works excellent(not to mention runs at same darn cas settings cept 70bucks cheaper). I took out the value series, put in the bad XMS sticks. And all my problems from previous computer came to my new one. Only hardware that was the same in each computer was the audigy card, which i took out and problems persisted. Requesting RMA, and i dont know if both modules are bad. But its dual channel and i would prefer to have same chips from same batch. Thank you.

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