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"Initialization error" CUE fix


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If you are reading this you have most likely encountered an error saying

"Initialization error: cannot read package Z:\CorsairUtilityEngineSetup_2.21.67_release.msi."

or something similar. Have no worries i discovered a fix.


1. First step plugin your corsair device to a different windows PC than the one you have been trying to use it with.


2. Next go to the corsair website and download the needed CUE software.


3. Install the program fully.


4. Go to your program files(x86) and find the "Corsair folder. And copy it.


5. Go back to the windows PC that the CUE software is not working on, and find the old cue software if you have one and press quit.


6. Paste the copied "Corsair" folder from the working PC into a thumb drive or over network sharing put it on the Program Files of the non-working PC.


7. Open the corsair folder in the Program Files(x86) and scroll down to the .exe file labeled CUE.exe and run it.


8. If you are prompted with an error download Microsoft .Net framework https://www.microsoft.com/net/


Now the CUE software should work.:biggrin:

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the answer to all installation problems with cue icue .. with everything !!! :)

ccleaner, etc. everything did not work.

100 gb partition created on the hard disk. windows number 2, corsair icue installed and copied the folder ... works !!!!

Thanks man, of all the solutions it was the only one :!::!::!::!::laughing::laughing::bigeyes::bigeyes::bigeyes:

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