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Colors change hue slightly when CUE is closed


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Have a little issue with the K95 and I'm wondering if anyone knows what's going on. Apologies if this was solved elsewhere. I tried searching but didn't find an answer.


I have a very simple, white static lighting HW profile that I created using CUE. When CUE is open, it's a clean white color. However, when CUE is not running, the colors will change to a slightly off-white color.


At the top of the keyboard near the Corsair logo, the color changes from white to a pink/purplish white color, and the white on the rest of the keyboard changes to a very slightly greenish white color. I have also observed this phenomenon with other colors as well, and they too changed when CUE was closed.


I have tried saving the HW profile to a different 'slot' in the keyboard's memory but I'm still having the same issue. I've also tried clearing the device's memory.


I was wondering if there was a way to fix this or some setting that I could change. I do not wish to leave CUE running all the time.

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