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Corsair SP2500 audio system - Broken Pod/Controller


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I purchased SP2500 sometime back after doing a lot of research. The 2.1 system had been introduced in my country in a limited way, and I went out of my way looking for it. I finally located it at a distributor about 1 hour's drive away from my place, but I duly bought it.


I quite enjoyed the system as it gave pretty decent sound. It seemed like a good alternative to my defunct MX5021, and I started getting used to it. I hardly got the time due to office hrs, so I slowly started to appreciate the audio system. Unfortunately, one not so fine day, the power button just caved in and rendered the system unusable. Then began a routine of numerous calls and getting redirected from one place to another for repairs. It consumed a lot of time, fuel, and I was left sapped going through clueless repair/retail places. I went through with all the routine as I wanted to get the system up and running, but it was just a vicious circle.


Due to my office work, I was sent for a training and was relocated for a good while. But now that I am back, I thought about getting in touch with customer support about this poor service issue and what seemed clearly like a poor quality control check of the power button. I was hoping to get it resolved easily, but that has not been the case. This time I thought about planning the journey, and as I educated myself on the internet, many others too got affected similarly.


I am tired now from all the running, and the numerous cases on the internet have made me feel too exhausted to start the drills all over again. I am trying to seek some solution of the issue, and some info as to how Corsair has handled this issue. Any words of wisdom/info would be of great help. :)

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