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There is something wrong with the spacebar and some other keys on my strafe


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just received a corsair strafe for Christmas yesterday and while typing this i am having the issues i am about to report, when i am pressing the spacebar, no matter how lightly i am constantly dealing with the keyboard entering no spaces sometimes (does not happen much) or i have an issue where i will press the spacebar once and it will leavve 2 or 3 spaces, it happens with some letter keys too but it is mostly the spacebar


the strafe i received was the rgb mx silent one, do you think i havve a faulty one or is there anyone else with the same issues as me?


i have the cue software installed, it is not been updated in a couple of months but i have a feeling that has nothing to do with my issue


There was plenty of errors while typing this but I fixed some of them before clicking submit but you may notice some double spaces while reading this


Should I try swap my strafe for another strafe, could this strafe be faulty?


thank you

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