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K70-Non RGB gone crazy.


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I have k70 mx blue and suddenly for no reason it went completely crazy.. This morning opened my computer and my keyboard leds flickering/turning on and off randomly and typing random keys.


I didn't spill anything or hit the keyboard but i took the keyboard apart to make sure there's no water in it and i didn't find any water but i use hair drier and leave it open in the sun just in case. It worked great, no problem for an hour but then it started to act crazy again.


What do you guys think what can be the problem here, any ideas?


Here's the video of the current situation. I don't think there is any hope. :(



I just don't get it man, you spend this much money on a keyboard because it's mechanical and high construction quality and you expect it can last forever but it gets broken faster than cheap/junk keyboards

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