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1080ti System noise


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Hi there.


Total newbie here so please be gentle. I just received an order for a 1080ti model from Amazon and I’m currently updating after booting for the first time.

I’ve read lots about how quiet the system should be but mine is really quite loud.

I have had a browse of these forums and it seems someone had the same sounding issue and discovered they had missing screws in the fan assembly.


I don’t really feel comfortable opening it up to be honest. What’s the best route to getting this fixed??




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check your fan settings with the link program and look at the temps


You could have CORSAIR RMA a working TOP FAN if its that fan making the loud noise if you feel comfortable. Otherwise you will have to send it back to them after New years


so make a support ticket here https://support.corsair.com/


- They do offer ADVANCED RMA's where they put a hold on a credit card, send you a advance replacement and you ship it back once your new one arrives, funds get returned.

- Standard RMA is you send them your system and they fix the issue and either send a new Unit or fix the problem and pay nothing


Since you ordered from AMAZON, there support is amazing and usually they'll refund or send a working replacement if you good enough with words. Amazon is usually faster however

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